July 14, 2021

Check Online Vending Machines for Snacks

The Modern Millionaires Chance and Abdul sure think so. “But first, compare it to traditional offline vending machines. Whaddya think one of those makes in a month? Five hundred bucks? Two grand? Four grand? Before I give you an answer, I want you to think about something,” Chance says in their new YouTube ad. “Old school business models like these vending machines typically cost ten grand or more just to set up. Not to mention maintenance, restocking costs, taxes, and fees.”

“Physical businesses are such a headache,” Chance continues, his mullet-adjacent haircut looking epic as ever. “You know what’s better? Online vending machines. That generate five to ten thousand dollars a month in pure profit. And it’s semi-passive income without any setup cost, maintenance fees, or any other previous experience or skills required. Instead of all the hassle of dispensing soda and snacks to the general public, your online vending machine dispenses new customers to local business owners.”

“Simply dispensing customers and clients to local businesses. Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur? They’re all reporting on what we’re doing. And for the longest time, everyone thought the only people who could do this were tech geniuses and corporations. But as my mentor Abdul taught me, technology has leveled the playing field. And as we speak, there’s limited time left on this opportunity for you to get in on the action, as the market for online customers is expected to boom even bigger this year.”

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